Satisfied tegos customers with Roller Team caravans and RVs

Do you travel with a Roller Team RV (recreational vehicle) or caravan? And you're interested in the retrofit or replacement of a premium retrofit door and a flap module, a high-quality bug protection system or a modern locking system for improved burglar-protection? The following images show some of our satisfied customer's Roller Team mobile homes and RVs, that were optimized using tegos premium products, directly assemblied in the tegos manufacture or at one of our service parter's workshops. Increasing comfort and value retention of your mobile home included. Get your individual counseling, independent of manufacturer, brand, type or year of manufacture of your recreational vehicle.

Roller Team Recreational Vehicles

Roller Team Reliability, high quality and a distinct ecological awareness for their production site are the trademarks of this italian brand that belongs to the Trigano corporation. Roller focuses on top notch management and production processes. Doesn't sound very exciting at first sight. But this is nothing common in this industry. Yet, much more important is that this focus on a maximum of customer satisfaction is perceptible for each and every customer by looking at the vehicle's quality. Not for nothing does this italian brand have an outstanding, almost teutonic, reputation. As a highlight, Roller offers all-inclusive-carefree bundles, including great features and superior warranty periods. Also, they're facing those constant annoyances and problems that you normally have with travel vehicles, e.g. water condensation, with their innovative new ideas. "Made to breathe" is their formula for an ideal air circulation and a virtually breathing interior. The numerous models and outlines offer solutions for as good as any sophisticated mobile home user and their demand for a dream vehicle. To be discovered on their extensive website:

Link to the Roller Team website

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